Those who choose Best Western Plus Tower Hotel Bologna deserve maximum safety

To guarantee this safety, we implemented Special Protection, a strict program of precise safeguards dedicated to our Guests and our Staff.

For Best Western Plus Tower Hotel Bologna, the respect of protocols and quality standars have always been a priority. 

Special Protection covers different areas, from cleaning protocols to technology, to certify that comfort and quality services are always being offered in total safety:


1. Strict cleaning and sanitisation measures for each hotel area

The cleaning and sanitisation protocols have been intensified in each area to ensure guest protection.
We have followed the recommendations of WHO and, in some cases, elaborated them and turned them into strict practices.

To grant the respect of all norms, we trained our Staff and appointed a safety and prevention manager: our Resident Manager Eleonora Smorlesi.



2. Protective equipment and useful suggestions for guests

Cooperation is essential to ensure a safe stay. Each guest will be expected to follow simple practices. Hotel signage and safety devices, such as hand sanitizer dispensers, will be available where appropriate.

We grant your room was duly sanitized with certified equipment in order to let you sleep safely.



3. Safety procedures for the staff

The hotel staff is the core of our service; their safety and protection are necessary.
We have established precise instructions concerning their access to the workplace, the use of protective equipment, and the observance of specific procedures to perform the different tasks.

All our Staff wears the appropriate safety devices



4. Technologies to support the interaction with the staff while respecting social distancing

Technology allows us to facilitate the interaction with the Front Desk in many ways, allowing a pleasant relationship despite social distancing.
Through our Digital Customer Journey, check-in, check-out, and chat conversations with the Front Desk and the Concierge are easily attainable.

Moreover, it is possible to buy our customized services, access the chat and checl-in online through the Best Friend page of Tower Hotel Bologna. 



5. Flexible and dynamic rates 

Our flexible rates are modifiable and cancellable for free up until the day before of arrival. Moreover, you can pay your stay directly at the hotel

All the offers include Best Western Rewards® standard points and breakfast is alway free for Best Western Rewards® Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Select members.


We will add any further information provided by multiple regulatory sources and relevant institutions to enrich our Special Protection Program.

For further information, you can visit the dedicate Special Protection page by Best Western Italia or download the hygiene and safety protocol, part of our program.